Wearable Snacking Chopsticks : Snactiv chopsticks

Snactiv chopsticks are a wearable solution to clean snacking that allows users to multitask effectively. Snactiv chopsticks ensure users’ hands remain clean from food residue, letting them seamlessly snack while maintaining productivity. The chopsticks sport a sleek design that situates the grip of the tool between the fingers for full control. The chopstick tongs, the part that picks up the snacks, are positioned above the fingers, allowing them to stay out of the way while users work on any devices that require manual dexterity.

Snactiv chopsticks come in two classic colors, white and black, and come with their own carrying cases for mess-free portability. The tools are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Snactiv chopsticks can be preordered online through the already funded Kickstarter campaign. Deliveries are estimated to arrive by September 2021.

Image Credit: Snactiv

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