Versatile Cocktail Mixer Sodas : Dash Soda Water

The Dash Soda Water mixers are being launched by the brand in the UK to offer consumers a versatile way to prepare a number of drinks from the comfort of home. The products are made with premium British spring water, carbonation and wonky fruit flavors that would have otherwise gone to waste. The drinks come in three flavor options including Wonky Limes & Garden Mint, Wonky Rhubarb & Fiery Ginger and Wonky Bitter Orange & Grapefruit.

Co-Founder of Dash Water Jack Scott spoke on the new Dash Soda Water mixers saying, “We embarked on a journey to create a mixer that delivers on flavour but cuts out sugar and sweetener. We noticed that this market was dominated by highly sweetened options. We wanted to bring a fresh perspective to this, simply infusing our spring water with deliciously wonky fruit and a good dash of soda fizz.” – Marketing Strategy

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