Vegan Salami Subscriptions : vegan salami

Sourcing high-quality plant-based meat alternatives doesn’t have to be a struggle, especially with new services like Renegade Foods’ Renegade Nation, which shares vegan salami on a monthly or quarterly basis. The subscription service also comes with other perks, such as complimentary curated spice packs with seasonal deliveries, as well as early access to events, promotions, samples and much more.

Part subscription with exclusive member-only perks, Renegade Nation gives members plenty of freedom and flexibility, as they are able to update, pause or cancel their membership at any time. Subscribers will get to experience products like the brand’s Plant-Based Spicy Chorizo, Plant-Based Smoky Salami Soppressata and the Plant-Based Sweet Salami Toscana, which come in the form of rolls that are ready to be thinly sliced. – Lifestyle Trends

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