Tubular Chromatic Toilet Designs : Trone Paris Icone01 Toilet

The Trone Paris Icone01 Toilet is an eye-catching fixture for the bathroom that works to completely rethink the aesthetic of the essential living space unit in a more style-conscious light. The toilet features a tubular construction that is chromatically finished in several colors to choose from and paired with plumbing that extends up the rear section of the unit. While stylish, the toilets are also focused on water conservation and use far less than conventional alternatives without sacrificing functionality.

The Trone Paris Icone01 Toilet has a two-flush system that will use three and six-liters respectively, depending on the needs of the user. The elongated nature of the toilet makes use of space above that might otherwise be waste visual space to help draw the eye upwards.

Image Credit: Trone Paris

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