The Magician Provides Sensational Remix To “Ubiquity” [Sweat It Out]

Nicky Night Time, Breakbot, & Ali Love recently teamed up for their fantastic single “Ubiquity” featuring the vocals of Ali Love that carried a lot of amazing vibes, reminiscent of Daft Punk and disco influences. When we heard globally renowned producer The Magician was releasing a remix, we could hardly contain our excitement.

The Magician has a knack for taking original songs and adding his unique touch that flips them into something so fresh, while still keeping the radiance of the original. This remix highlights the original’s funk elements and punchy drums while maintaining the driving bass line from the original. Merging disco with French touch, The Magician accentuates the cut-off and phaser effects for a playful and energetic remix.

The Magician details how he uses the sonic architecture to create a particular feeling, “The secret is to keep the tension going until the vocals come on the break, then cue in the strings when it all starts again, and you get the feeling of falling in love”.

Don’t sleep on this one! Stream The Magician’s remix to “Ubiquity” below!

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