Summer-Ready Beer Flavors : Watermelon Lemonade1

As we approach summer and on the heels of launching Naturdays Pineapple Lemonade earlier this month, Natural Light’s innovation hot streak continues with the release of Natty Daddy Watermelon Lemonade. The 8% ABV, American-style malt beverage is infused with a bold watermelon lemonade flavor that’s perfect for the warmer weather.

In keeping with the Watermelon Lemon flavor profile, the cans boast a black, white, red, and green colorway with a contemporary typeface. The can features playful packaging that draws inspiration from early 2000s energy drink designs to create an alluring and dynamic aesthetic that will appeal to Millennial consumers.

The new Natty Daddy Watermelon Lemonde beer from Natural Light is available now nationwide in 16oz and 25oz single serve cans.

Image Credit: Natty Light – Lifestyle Trends

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