Soda-Inspired Energy Drinks : Mtn Dew Rise Energy

Mtn Dew Rise Energy is a new kind of energy drink from PepsiCo and NBA player LeBron James, and it was developed to offer a mental boost in addition to immune support. The low-calorie product boasts no added sugar and it contains more caffeine than the original Mtn Dew soda. The new energy beverages are available in varieties like Pomegranate Blue Burst, Orange Breeze, Strawberry Melon Spark, Tropical Sunrise, Berry Blitz and Peach Mango Dawn.

Fabiola Torres, CMP and SVP of the energy category for PepsiCo, says, “As energy beverages evolve to provide even more functional benefits, we’re excited to introduce the new Mtn Dew Rise Energy for those looking for a morning boost with enhanced mental clarity and immune support that helps you conquer the morning to conquer the day.” – Lifestyle Trends

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