Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey

The Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey from UK-based spirit distributor Hi-Spirits is a premium liqueur focused on providing a duty flavor experience that is as complex and tasty as possible. The spirit is reported to have a warm, semi-dry finish that doesn’t disappoint with flavors of vanilla, peanut butter, butterscotch, caramel, coffee, subtle oak and, of course, whiskey. The versatile spirit features a 35% ABV and is described as being great for short cocktails, chilled shots, hard shakes and more.

Hi-Spirits Senior Marketing ManagerJames Johnstone spoke on the new spirit saying, “Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey was created to satisfy peanut butter lovers and whiskey fans alike, herding all into the pack. We can’t wait to launch this nutty, cheeky and unpretentious brand in the UK as part of the Hi-Spirits portfolio. Is this the most exciting flavour trend to hit the UK this year? We think so.” – Lifestyle Trends

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