Recycled Hot Sauce Packets : Recycled Hot Sauce Packets

There are currently no sustainable materials that can substitute the flexible packaging that has traditionally been used to hold take-out condiments across the fast-food industry—something that Taco Bell is seeking to change with its recycled hot sauce packets.

To make its packaging fully recyclable, compostable, and reusable by 2025, the company is working with TerraCycle to develop a solution to combat hot sauce packaging waste.

At present, the fast-food chain uses approximately 8.2 billion hot sauce packages in the U.S. alone, all of which ultimately end up in landfills. Taco Bell is hoping to pilot a free and accessible program for consumers to partake in. If successful, this solution could potentially extend to the greater fast-food industry, potentially making it more sustainable as a whole.

Image Credit: Restaurant Business Online / Taco Bell – Business Trends

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