Protective Modular Metal Wallets : The Fantom R Wallet

The Fantom R wallet was created to meet contemporary consumers’ needs. This reinterpretation of how wallets should look and behave comes with a machined aluminum chassis. Its slim 9mm thick form can hold seven cards, banknotes, coins, and up to three keys.

For added security, the wallet includes a built-in RFID blocking technology to protect owners from digital theft and an optional tracking device feature. Three sizes are available, which range in card capacity from seven to 13 cards. Moreover, for easy access, the cards fan out with a trigger mechanism to ensure you can locate your cards quickly when needed.

Three material finishings, 10 colors, and 6 modular upgrades make the Fantom R wallet totally customizable.

Image Credit: Yanko Designs – Style and Fashion Trends

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