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Hey everyone 👋

Today, after some weeks of serious crafting 👨🏽‍💻, I am finally launching ProductFlair.

🤔 Problem
We all have been there. You have a super cool product, are about to prepare for your next important Product Hunt launch and need to get inspiration. You ask Google “How to successfully launch on Product Hunt” and read through a bunch of greatly written articles. But then you ask yourself “I would love to see some examples doing exactly what I just read”. You need inspiration.

As an Indie Hacker, I’ve spent the last few months (actually years) gathering inspiration by tediously making screenshots and trying to organize them in Notion. This worked for a while but I quickly noticed that without a proper interface and filter functionality I will probably never look at them ever again.

🛠️ Solution
That’s why I have created ProductFlair 😻 It’s concept is mainly inspired by @dannypostmaa’s LandingFolio and @antoinemilkoff’s SaaSFrame.

Based on dozens of articles, I have aggregated the 6 most important best practices for thumbnails, images, videos and first comments into 2–3 actionable sentences and provide you with a curated list of examples that match these tips. Additionally, you can filter through various custom tags that will help you better narrow down your research.

There is no magic path-to-success for a successful Product Hunt launch, but there are certain elements that will make your chance of succeeding much higher once you get them right. Why not learn from the best, most successfully launched products? 😎

💎 Features
✔ ✨ Unlimited access to our library of examples
✔ More than 78+ 🌀 thumbnail examples
✔ More than 212+ 🖼️ image examples
✔ More than 38+ 📹 product video examples
✔ More than 38+ 💬 first comment examples
✔ Use 🔎 extensive filters to narrow down your research
✔ Support 👨🏽‍💻 indie development
✔ 🆓 Free updates and 🔑 access to newly added features, tips and resources that will make your launch process much easier

🔮 Future
All of this is just the start. I am also planning to incorporate new exciting tools in ProductFlair that will make your launch process much-much easier 💪

🏷 Discount
There is a limited Early Bird launch deal for the first 50 buyers. After that, the price will increase. So better be fast 🤫

I hope ProductFlair will help you become the Product of the Day/Week/Month it deserves!

Thank you so much for reading ✌️

P.S I am curious. If you had to pick only one perfect Product Hunt launch, which one would you pick and why? Also happy for any feedback! Let me know in the comments 👇

– Dominik Sobe


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