Pringles’ Exclusive New ‘CryptoCrisp’ Flavor Just Tastes Of NFTs

Image via Pringles

You know how they say chip packets have 50-percent air and 50-percent chips? Well, Pringles’ new addition contains zero-percent air and zero-percent chips. The exclusive ‘CryptoCrisp Flavored Pringles’ are only available virtually in the form of a digital artwork.

Retailing on non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Rarible, CryptoCrisp features a twirling golden can designed by artist Vasya Kolotusha. If you’re the sort who would pay a premium for packaging, this flavor could be for you.

There are only 50 cans of the same artwork in existence. The CryptoCrisp flavor started at a bidding price of 0.0013ETH (about US$2), about the price of a can of real Pringles, but it has climbed to US$557.73 since the time of publishing. This means that once you pop, you probably must stop at that one can.

All proceeds from CryptoCrisp sales will go to the artist.

Aside from crypto potato chips, fast-food lovers have also been able to feast (their eyes) on Pizza Hut’s Non-Fungible Pizzas.

[via Comic Book, images via Pringles]

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