Plastic Straw-Free Juice Packaging : drink cartons

Aldi has announced the removal of plastic straws in all of its own-label drink cartons in a bid to help reduce unnecessary materials and put a more eco-friendly foot forward. The cartons will now feature a fully recyclable paper straw that is made using FSC-certified cardboard, which will reportedly remove 70 million straws from circulation or more than 100 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic per year. The announcement comes as one of many changes the brand is making in an effort to cut its plastic use in half by the end of 2025.

Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi UK Richard Gorman spoke on the new drink cartons straws saying, “Removing plastic straws from own-brand drinks cartons is another step in our journey to reducing plastic packaging across our products. Our customers want environmentally-friendly products, and plastic straws are one thing, in particular, that people want to move away from to help make a difference.” – Marketing Strategy

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