Multipurpose Modular Furniture : Marino Bench


The Marino Bench is a piece of multipurpose modular furniture that can be arranged to suit the designer’s needs. The bench, developed by E-ggs for Italian studio Miniforms, has a simple design that consists of a low, curving seat built into a comfortable backrest. The Marino Bench can be outfitted with a selection of convenient accessories that offer different kinds of functionality. The add-ons, like the coffee table or high desk, can be used to enhance, divide, or transform any space.

Given the Marino Bench’s modular nature, it comes in an impressive array of colors. The tops, which cover all of the accessories, can be finished in Ash, Lacquered Black, or Black Ash. The upholstery, which envelops the bench and backrest portions, comes in a host of textile finishes from monochromatic mattes to patterned materials.

Image Credit: Dezeen – Modern Art and Design Trends

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