Libation-Inspired Dice Collections : Wine Dice

The ‘Wine Dice’ polyhedral dice are an elegant range of game accessories that highlight a libation-inspired design for avid players to appreciate as a decidedly stylish take on the classic items. The dice come in several options to choose from including sets that are inspired by alcohol varieties including Red Wine, Vinho Verde, Champagne, Shirley Temple, Pink Lemonade, Rosé, Mead, Gin & Tonic, Bourbon, Ice p20 and Golden Schnapps. This helps to give the game dice a decidedly elegant aesthetic that is unlike any other accessories on the market.

The ‘Wine Dice’ polyhedral dice are all made from acrylic and have been paired with nearly visible fonts for the numerals to make them ideal for use during a wide range of tabletop pastimes. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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