Intel Poaches Apple’s ‘I’m A Mac’ Guy To Snub Macs And Promote PCs

Video screenshot via Intel

Justin Long, the famous “I’m a Mac” guy who would go head-to-head with clumsy ol’ John “I’m a PC” Hodgman in 66 Apple commercials, is back in a new series of advertisements. This time around, he’s in a rivaling campaign.

Long has been enlisted by Intel and marketing agency VMLY&R to compare the performance and flexibility of Intel products versus those of Apple in a new campaign of five videos, titled Justin Gets Real. Here, Long introduces himself simply as “a Justin—just a real person during a real comparison between Mac and PC,” and gets educated about compact and powerful Dells and Lenovos.

When presented the Apple equivalents, he holds his tongue about what he feels of them, but it is clear he prefers the PCs.

In one video, Intel takes a dig at Apple’s supposed expertise in minimalism by comparing a complete set of the MacBook, iPad, tablet, stylus, and dongle with the all-in-one Lenovo Yoga 9i tablet-laptop. Another places Long in a stupid position when he hears from a gamer that “no one really games on Mac.”

There’s a possibility that Intel is creating these spots to get back at Apple for replacing its processors with the Apple-developed M1 chip, and if that’s the case, that’s a whole new level of pettiness.

[via Fast Company, videos and cover image via Intel]

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