IKEA Creates Cookbook That Shows You How To Turn Food Scraps Into Meals

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Those carrots lying around in your fridge aren’t going to get any crisper. To help you finally use up leftover ingredients, IKEA has put together a free cookbook that shows you how to utilize food waste and transform it into yummy meals. Your family and guests won’t know the difference.

To create the IKEA ScrapsBook cookbook, IKEA Canada worked with 10 North American chefs to design 50 recipes from kitchen scraps which often end up in landfills. The book is part of IKEA’s initiative to become a circular business by 2030, as well as aims to educate customers about living more sustainably at home.

Recipes include ‘French Press Toast’ using stale bread, leftover coffee, and used coffee grounds; ‘Leftover Chicken Ramen’ made with a broth from store-bought roast chicken bones; ‘Forgotten Vegetable Stew’ put together from wilted greens in your fridge; and ‘Bruised Apple Butter Cake’ featuring blemished or withered apples. Notable chefs like Adrian Forte, Craig Wong, and Trevor Bird came up with the dishes, which span “a diverse range of cuisines and cultures.”

The 214-page ScrapsBook is free to download as a PDF, or as an eBook on Apple Books and Google Play Books. A limited-edition hardcover version, printed with eco-friendly materials and methods, has also been put up for a sweepstakes for new IKEA Family members.

In addition, IKEA Canada will host weekly Scrapcooking Sundays with partnering chefs on Instagram Live in spring.

“In Canada, research tells us that almost two-thirds of food scraps that end up as kitchen waste could have been eaten,” shared Johanna Andren, Head of Marketing at IKEA Canada, in a press release. “Seeing how much waste is created in one of the most important rooms in the home, we set out to inspire Canadians by giving food scraps another look and offering new, creative ways to reduce food waste at home.”

Image via IKEA Canada

Image via IKEA Canada

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