‘Human Mart’ Is The World’s First Supermarket Stocking Human Beings

Image via Anti-Slavery Australia

You won’t be able to find eggs or milk at this supermarket. Rather, it only stocks boxes of Beth and bottles of Osman.

The grotesque-soundingHuman Mart’ is a supermarket installation in Sydney’s Oxford Street that sells over 60 unexpected products, each referencing a victim of modern slavery in Australia on the packaging. The world-first store was opened by creative agency Cocogun and art collective The Glue Society for Anti-Slavery Australia (ASA) to raise awareness about a persistent issue in the country.

According to the Global Slavery Index, about 15,000 people in Australia endure slave-like conditions, and are being used as domestic workers, are sexually exploited, or are in forced marriages. It is estimated that only one in five victims are detected.

Products in the supermarket are named after real victims, and donations, or “purchases,” made will aid the ASA’s ongoing efforts to abolish modern slavery in Australia.

[via B&T and The Stable, cover image via Anti-Slavery Australia]

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