How to Tell When It’s Time to Let a Crazy Client Go | by Nataly U | The Startup | Jun, 2021

An 8 step guide to preventing Karens from ruining your biz.

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Independence, being able to make your own schedule, letting your creativity run free…Those are some of the main reasons why many of us request discharge from the “industrial reserve army” by starting a new side hustle as freelance content creators.

Ah, but there’s a catch. Being a successful side hustler means on top of mastering the skill, service, or product you’re trying to sell, you’ll also have to deal with highly demanding clients.

There’s no manager to step up for you when they refuse to pay. No other colleagues can take on the rest of the project after the client reject all your ideas.

As a freelancer, you are on your own in the wild, putting the desire to make your business succeed ahead of the urge to leave that business meeting, slam the door, and put that whole project behind you.

Tough luck.

We all have encountered people impossible to work with and have had to turn the page.

“I love to be a graphic designer, but could we get rid of clients somehow please?”
― Erik Spiekermann

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