How to Leverage Amazon Data to Determine Your Ideal Product and Product-Category

Looking for insights on what you should be selling right now? Amazon data can help you come up with an idea.

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In this week’s episode of The , James McKinney is joined by Elizabeth Grojean, founder of Baloo Living. Grojean’s journey to brought her to a place where she identified the type of or she wanted to build long before she knew what the product or service offering was to be. She simply knew that she wanted to develop an ecommerce brand.

In this video, Grojean shares the actual process she went through to leverage product opportunity research on Amazon. She even shares the tools she utilized for her research and those links can be found in the show notes for this episode so make sure you click the link below to access those resources.

Amazon is the place to go for any purchase you might desire, but Grojean shows how we can use Amazon to determine what product we should be selling.

You can hear Grojean’s full episode of The Startup Story, as well as access the tools and resources she mentions, here.

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