How to Create a Luxury Spa Experience at Home

A spa experience is one of the best practices that just says ‘relaxation’. While it’s always lovely to take a trip to the spa, you don’t need to go spending thousands of dollars for a spa experience when you can be at home and create for yourself a beautiful spa-like environment for a fraction of that cost.

Here are a few ways that you can create a luxury spa experience at home:

1. Load up on hot towels

Hot towels are always available at a spa, and there’s just something about reaching for a hot towel (bonus if it smells good!) for that luxe experience. So, to recreate your spa environment at home, load up on hot towels and prep your space with them! Have a few that you can reach for and keep them toasty throughout your spa session. You can heat them up before you start your spa experience, or even keep a device in your space to keep them warm throughout. 

2. Get premium products

While you can use any of your favorite products for this at-home spa experience, get premium products to take it up a notch. For example, the Blue Lagoon mineral spa body wash will make it feel like a luxe experience from the start, and you can follow it up with other products that your skin will love such as face masks and specially tailored creams suited to your skin needs. While sometimes products like this may cost a bit more, it’s worth it just to pay a bit more to get the results you want. 

3. Add lots of smells

Smell is one of the senses that can have a significant impact on your body and mind. One of the most common smells found at spas is lavender, for its relaxation benefits. You can add essential oils to your hot towels so when you put them on your face/body you get the aromatherapy benefits, and set up a diffuser in your bathroom so that you get the smell and benefits of essential oils throughout your at-home spa experience.

spa products to experience at home

4. Soak your feet in bath salts followed by a foot massage

If you have a bath, add bath salts to the water for greater relaxation. Bath salts with magnesium promote relaxation and help to reduce muscle tension. If you don’t have a bath, soak your feet in bath salts! Afterward, give yourself a foot massage to release some of the tension out. You’ll feel instantly more relaxed! 

5. Upgrade your shampoo and hair care

If you’re looking for a time to incorporate a more luxe shampoo and hair care routine, this is the time for it! Treat yourself to a gorgeous wash and mask routine, and your hair will feel incredible afterward. While the skin is generally so focused on for spa experiences, don’t forget about your hair! You can easily have a hair mask while going through other at-home spa experiences.

It’s important to pamper yourself at least once a week and try to take care of yourself as best as possible, especially as summer is quickly approaching. With more heat, UV rays, and time outside you want your skin to be in the best condition possible!

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