Guinness Turns Creamy Stout Foam Into QR Code To Encourage Responsible Drinking

Image via Special Group New Zealand

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day on 17 March, Guinness New Zealand has launched a campaign encouraging Kiwis to drink responsibly.

The brand has teamed up with Special Group New Zealand to create a street poster campaign that reminds the public to be socially responsible during the occasion amid the pandemic.

“We’ve worked with the Ministry of Health to help encourage the right behaviors when people head out this St. Patrick’s Day. It’s great to be able to play our small part and to be in the position to be able to celebrate with friends in person. Cheers to that,” the founder of Special Group, Tony Bradbourne, said.

“We are extremely lucky to be one of the few places in the world that can safely enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in a pub. I personally can’t wait, but I know it’s important we all play our part in ensuring we get to continue to enjoy this unique position,” head of strategy Special Group, Rory Gallery, added.

The minimalist poster features Guinness’ famous stout with its creamy foam taking the form of a QR code. When the QR code poster is scanned, the user will be directed to the Ministry of Health’s website where they can read the information on COVID-19 and how to work towards a COVID-free world.

Another poster shows the foam transforming into the standard chat message sent by Patrick, reading “See you Wednesday?”

Check out the campaign below.

Image via Special Group New Zealand

Image via Special Group New Zealand

[via LBB Online, cover image via Special Group New Zealand]

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