Fried Chicken Ice Cream Sandwiches : iniBurger

iniBurger, a 100 percent halal gourmet burger chain that can be found in San Francisco’s Bay Area, has announced a permanent menu addition that combines Nashville hot fried chicken with ice cream.

The sandwich can be picked up at iniBurger’s Fremont and Pleasanton locations, where many fans previously tried out the unique flavor combination when it was launched as a secret menu item. In celebration of National Hot Chicken Day on March 30th, iniBurger is offering a buy one, get one deal that applies to the new addition.

iniBurger Founder Abdul Popal spoke to the official launch of the Nashville Hot Chicken & Ice Cream Sandwich, stating “We’re not here to make the same, overdone spicy chicken sandwich that everyone else is making. It’s just not our way. Our commitment to constantly push the envelope of flavor combinations and introduce the unexpected is what keeps diners coming back for more.”

Image Credit: iniBurger – Lifestyle Trends

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