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Hello World!

I have been interested in building and operating a job board for quite some time and decided to focus on full-time and permanent remote jobs as I am passionate about fully remote work and distributed teams.

The reason I built this was three reasons: (1) I am passionate about fully remote work; (2) it is expensive to post a job on literally any job board; and (3) I have a lot of experience applying for jobs and using job boards!

Aside from passion – what really drove me to build this product is the cost that is incurred to simply post a job on any job board – let alone the well-known remote job boards! You can do so much more with that money, especially as you grow and want to hire more people. Why not spend it on something else? We hope you agree, convert to our job board, and hopefully save some of your hard-earned money. As someone who has attempted to hire people in the past, I was always flabbergasted at how much it costs to simply post a job and hope the right fits comes along during the quick expiration period.

To stay true ourselves – we currently offer three tiers of job pricing: 100% FREE, Paid Featured Jobs and Bulk Discount Featured Jobs. If/when we grow, we want to stay extremely competitive on pricing to make sure all employers can post jobs regardless of their size and receive access to high quality and hungry candidates who are seeking those jobs. Further, our paid featured jobs provide 60-day expiration periods rather than the industry standard 30-day expiration period.

I know what you are thinking – but how will they find your cheaply posted, long expiration period job once an employer posts it?

We spent the time fixing what we consider to be complicated structured data (schema) to ensure rich results and proper markup for Work from Home positions. Once a job is live (including ALL FREE jobs) we ping / publish the job to the Google Jobs Network to allow instant access to larger pools of candidates – while we build our own internal using SEO – hence what we consider to be a value-add service without charging outlandish fees to employers. If you do not have the time or interest in figuring out the structured data backend – and we do not blame you as it was not easy – we have a solution for you: post a job on our board! Depending on how many people you hire a year – it would (most likely) cost more to figure out the structured data, schema and how to publish to the Google Jobs Network than it would to post one job on our board.

We built this out over a few months to make it as a clean and simple as possible to use.

As someone who has held many jobs in the past (I mean many!) – and has (NO JOKE) applied for at least (close to what it feels like) one thousand jobs over my career – I have a lot of experience using some of the larger job boards and cold emailing. They can be difficult to use and are just not that good of an overall experience. We hope ours is as clean and simple as possible. Nothing can substitute the arduous work of applying for jobs, but we hope our frontend at least makes you feel good.

We have built a simple and clean frontend, but we did take our time on the backend as well. The job board comes equipped with a fully functional Employer and Job dashboard to allow employers to edit and delete their jobs and update/service their accounts; and allows Free Job Alerts for prospective candidates via the candidate dashboard.

We are simple people. We want to help real people get real remote careers; and we want to help real employers hire people who want remote careers. Plain and simple. If we make money in the process – that is a wonderful thing.

I am very excited about this product and hope you are too! Feel free to tell your friends, employers and anyone you think of.

Please also use coupon code: PHFRC21 to post unlimited FREE Featured Jobs for a limited period.

If you have any feedback or suggestions – let us know here or send us an email at!

Thank you for your time!

P.S. If I do not my use my real name – it is because I am “publicity” shy!
Your friends,


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