Eco-Conscious Luxury Beauty Kits : luxury beauty kit

Earlier this month, Elemental Herbology introduced a luxury beauty kit that makes for the “perfect introduction to the brand],” according to education and events manager Lydia Taylor. The kit includes seven travel-size products: the Bio-Cellular Super Cleanser, the Cell Plumping Moisturiser, the Nutrition Infusion Sheet Mask, the Lemongrass and Nutmeg Body Wash, the Lemongrass and Nutmeg Body Cream, the Shiny Locks Shampoo, and the Hair Souffle Conditioner.

Besides covering consumer beauty needs on the go, the luxury beauty lit is also committed to supporting sustainability organization Bag of Ethics. The Elemental Kit bags are produced by “a 90 percent female team in a Fairtrade Factory” and all products are 100 percent recyclable. On top of that, the sheet mask included in the collection is made from biodegradable wood pulp.

Image Credit: Elemental Herbology – Style and Fashion Trends

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