Dior’s Sauvage Perfume Gets A Suspicious Lookalike By Malaysian Influencer

Image via Dior

Malaysian influencer Wak Doyok has been accused of ripping off the design of a luxury brand’s perfume bottle.

Wak Doyok recently unveiled a teaser photo for his upcoming fragrance called Dosa, the Malay word for “sin.” The scent is housed in a dark blue glass bottle with the name of the fragrance plastered on the front. The product will reportedly be available for purchase on April 3.

However, social media users noticed that the bottle of the upcoming fragrance resembled Christian Dior’s Sauvage Eau De Parfum. Twitter users pointed out that the design, size, and color of Wak Doyok’s scent looked just like the Dior’s, accusing him of plagiarism.

“Indeed it’s a sin (dosa because you’re copying Dior’s Sauvage,” a Twitter user said.

Wak Doyok has reponded to the allegations, stating that while the bottles may appear the same, his Dosa fragrance carries a different scent from the original Sauvage perfume, per Hype.my.

Take a look at the design of the two bottles below.

[via Independent, cover image via Dior]

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