Department Brand Crafting Lines : Mondo Llama

Retail giant Target is expanding its private-label line-up with the introduction of Mondo Llama, a new crafting line that boasts almost 400 arts and craft products, including paint sets, canvases, and drawing kits.

Priced at affordable price points, the new label will appeal to parents looking for accessible at-home activities for children, especially at a time when many of them are spending time indoors. These activities boast easy-to-follow instructions that can be completed in a short period of time with limited clean up.

“After extensive guest research, we co-created a new brand with our guests that meets their arts and crafting needs at an incredible value,” Target’s senior vice president and chief design officer Julie Guggemos said in a statement. “It’s the perfect addition to our portfolio of owned brands.”

The Mondo Llama line is now available to purchase at Target’s stores, as well as through its website and the brand’s same-day fulfillment services.

Image Credit: Target – Business Trends

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