Crispy Pork-Made Snack Chips : Pork Chips

The Wilde Brands Pork Chips are a new lineup of snacks from the brand that are made with pork meat to make them a satisfying, protein-rich option for snackers to pick up. The snack features a thin, crispy profile that is made with pork along with tapioca starch to give the product 10-grams of protein per serving. The snack comes in four flavor option including Black Pepper Bacon, Golden Mustard BBQ, Sweet Chipotle and Chili Lime Verde.

Co-Founder Jason Wright spoke on the new Wilde Brands Pork Chips saying, “Whole Foods pioneered the protein-based snack set, allowing consumers to find high-end pork rinds, egg white puffs and Wilde Chips in one area. This strategy has proven very effective and large chains like Kroger and Sprouts are now developing their own protein-based sets. This presents an opportunity to grow the entire protein-based snack category for all players, and we believe our new Pork Chips will be a solid addition to the aisle.” – Marketing Strategy

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