Caffeinated Drink Boosters : Monin Energy Boost

The Monin Energy Boost is a drink enhancer that can be used to increase the caffeine level of any drink in a simple, straightforward manner that won’t alter the flavor. The product is formulated with natural caffeine and will infuse 55mg of caffeine per half-ounce pump into a drink of your choice, which can be done with any hot or cold beverage desired. The product is low in calories and contains zero sugar to make it a versatile option for boosting the caffeine level in virtually any kind of drink.

CEO of Monin Americas Bill Lombardo spoke on the new Monin Energy Boost saying, “One of the unique benefits of this new product pertains to sustainability and storage. With 67 servings in each bottle, operators can create signature energy-enhanced beverages to replace costly and wasteful RTD [ready to drink] energy cans. Imagine the storage space and environmental waste generated by 67 RTD cans. Considering this and the fact that cost per serving with Monin Energy Boost is less than one-third that of the other Energy SKUs [stock-keeping units], and you immediately recognize the multiple benefits with this new product.” – Lifestyle Trends

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