Branded Gelatin Prank Kits : Stapler Mold Prank

While most still haven’t been able to return to the office with the ongoing pandemic, JELL-O is looking to bring back an element of the comradery that often exists between coworkers during April Fool’s Day with the unveiling of its Stapler Mold Prank.

The DIY kits are available to win through an online contest, where those hoping to concoct the perfect prank simply need to enter their name, address, and email. Winners will receive a kit that includes a Stapler JELL-O Gelatin Mold, five boxes of JELL-O, and a $60 gift card. The brand also includes a set of instructions that will show winners exactly how to create the perfect gelatin-surrounded office supplies, which will be totally edible.

Image Credit: JELL-O – Marketing Strategy

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