Biomimetic Face Creams : Anti aging Face Cream

The newest addition to the Super Anti-Aging lineup from Dr. Barbara Sturm is the luxurious Super Anti-Aging Face Cream, which is like the German aesthetic doctor’s in-spa Super Anti-Aging Facial in a jar. Fans of the brand will appreciate that the product contains purslane, a botanical skincare ingredient that can be found in other products from the brand. This ingredient is not only packed with vitamins but also supportive for providing protection against free radicals.

Capable of delivering immediate and long-term benefits, the anti-aging face cream also contains ingredients like meadow knotweed extract.

In a press release, Dr. Sturm herself says, “I created the Super Anti-Aging Face Cream using a unique biomimetic formula that strengthens the skin. It contains proven anti-aging molecules for defense and potent plant extracts that offer radiance-boosting benefits.” – Style and Fashion Trends

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