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Sometimes that desktop stapler just doesn’t do the job. Maybe you’re trying to staple a thick written project , or perhaps you’re a teacher who often must bind dozens of handouts at a time and wants to do so effortlessly. Or maybe you’re a mixed-media artist who needs something with a little more oomph to drive those metal fasteners into a surface that’s a lot tougher than printer paper. What you need is something heavy-duty. There are many options out there; we’ve done the research and come up with a list of five favorites. Read on.

1. Bostitch Office Heavy-Duty 40 Sheet Stapler

This stapler from Bostitch is small but mighty, able to fasten up to 40 sheets. True, some heavy duty staplers can accommodate much more, but we love that this is a simple and inexpensive plastic tool that just sits in the palm of your hand. Stapling is effortless, and the device binds your materials with special flat-cinch staple drivers designed to allow papers to lie flat when bound and then stacked. 

2. Blue Summit Heavy Duty Stapler

This tabletop stapler is a workhorse, able to accommodate up to 240 sheets of paper at a time. The lever design allows the user to apply a little more power than with a single hand squeeze, so you can drive that metal binder into a thicker stack of papers or other materials. Crafted of durable metal, it features an adjustable paper guide that lets you position the staples farther from the edge of your sheets than other staplers may allow. It can take standard or extra-long heavy-duty staples; you get two boxes of the latter with your purchase. It also has a fairly large footprint, so we recommend this for artists who can spare the table space.

3. CNASA Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

This boxy electric device is virtually hands-free. It features a sensor at its mouth, and once sheets are inserted, it drives a staple clean through them every time. While it has a lower capacity than other staplers on our list, with a maximum input of 20 sheets, it is a great choice for people who experience hand or wrist pain. Loading it is easy as well: The staple cartridge pops out at the push of a button. You can power it with batteries or a USB cord, which is nice.

4. Swingline Optima 70 Stapler

This stapler is great for classroom use, especially if you’re working with young ones. It’s powerful, with a build that allows you to bind up to 70 sheets at a time. But it’s also incredibly user-friendly, with a design that requires less force than competing staplers. Plus, the soft, ergonomic grip makes it comfortable for handheld use as well as tabletop binding. A simple, one-finger “quick-load” button makes refilling easy. 

5. Rapesco HD-73 Plier Stapler

This all-metal pliers-style stapler is a great handheld and portable option that you operate by squeezing two handles together. Though compact, it can effortlessly bind up to 70 sheets of paper at once and is capable of pushing through thick material like cardboard and canvas. It features a contoured handle grip for comfort, a finger guard to prevent pinches, and a throat depth of 2.7 inches.

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