Barilla Invites You To Create New Pasta Shape To Offer A New Gourmet Experience

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Pasta brand Barilla has partnered with to invite pasta lovers to look for new pasta shapes to offer a new consumer experience.

The campaign, called Barilla New Pasta Shape, challenges consumers to design a new pasta shape that is innovative yet aesthetically-pleasing. The pasta shape has to be functional and satisfy the gastronomical aspect.

The new design will be designed for dry pasta, and its shape has to be “clear and innovative” to “create curiosity in the purchase phase.”

It will have to be created out of new ingredients such as wheat flour, rise, corn, and buckwheat, instead of the traditional durum wheat semolina and whole durum wheat semolina.

The shape of the pasta will be produced using traditional ways of the standard pasta—kneading, cutting, and drying.

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