Are smartphone batteries ready for the 200W Xiaomi HyperCharge?


Xiaomi recently unveiled its Xiaomi HyperCharge, a device that promises pretty incredible charging speeds. Thanks to the 200W charging it uses for wired charging the HyperCharge could – according to Xiaomi – power up a Mi 11 Pro Custom Build with a 4000mAh battery from 0% to 100% in just under eight minutes. 

Though, before we get too excited, some issues have arisen thanks to a Q&A that Xiaomi later posted on Weibo. According to reports from Android Authority, after 800 charging cycles a phone’s battery life would drop to 80% of the original thanks to the HyperCharge. The 4000mAh phone used in the demonstration would have an equivalent size of just 3,200mAh.

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