AI ‘Eminem’ Rails Against The Patriarchy In Deepfaked Music Video

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Judging by the reception on TikTok, Eminem isn’t a Gen-Z crowd favorite. Social media users recently tried to “cancel” the rapper over his lyrics in Love the Way You Lie, which they thought was glorifying violence against women.

In response to the backlash, YouTube channel Calamity Ai used artificial intelligence to create a music video that casts a more progressive light on the rapper. Here, ‘Eminem’ delivers a Diss Against the Patriarchy with the help of AI Kanye West.

Calamity Ai turned to text generator ShortlyAI to create some lyrics using the prompt, “Eminem’s new song is a diss against the patriarchy. He is taking a stand to males and sticking up for women. Verse #1:”

The team then worked with YouTube channel 30 Hertz to simulate audio and vocals, as if Eminem had created the track himself.

[via TNW, cover image via Kathy Hutchins /]

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